My layouts

Narrow Gauge

Clementine Wharf1:55 scale minimum gauge industrial tramway.

Carters Bridge 55n3 (1:55 scale) exchange sidings.

Allt-Na-BalltOn18 (1:48 scale) Scottish estate railway.

Primrose ValleyOn18 (1:48 scale) Yorkshire seaside line.

Farrall SidingsOn18 (1:48 scale) industrial railway.

The Puggy Line – 9mm gauge (non-specific scale scale) diorama.

Desert Island DiscA purely whimsical desert island railway.

FC Pampa y Fernandez0n30 (1:48 scale) South American railway.

FCPyF San Fernandez WRDOn30 (1:48 scale) wagon repair depot.

Castle HillGn18 (1:24 scale) mineral railway.

Lescanby Moor – Gn18 (1:24 scale) mineral railway.

Lake Wobegon Mining Corp.Large (1:12 scale) mineral tramway.

Standard Gauge

SandbachN (1:160 scale) near the German/Swiss border.

San Vince de ReyN (1:160 scale) American industrial yard.

KleinstedorfN (1:160 scale) East German branch line.

Lac IsolementN (1:160 scale) French branch line.

ArundaleHO (1:87 scale) industrial scene in upstate New York.

Cognito HO (1:87 scale) Spanish branch line. (New page)

Marsdenby – OO (1:76 scale) nineteenth century diorama. (New page)

FoxbaileOO (1:76 scale) light railway in a boxfile.

Park Hall HaltOO (1:76 scale), a real station near Oswestry.

Lyddlow MillMinimum space O scale.

Exhibition Status Colour Coding

As I do not own a car the following colour coding is used to indicate each layout’s availability for exhibitions.

Green = Available for local exhibitions by public transport.

Amber = Requires either a lift or vehicle hire.

Red = Not available.

While the layouts shown in red are not offered for exhibition, personal visitors are welcome to view the FCPyF by appointment.

Please refer to the "Contact" page if you wish to comment.

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