My layouts

Narrow Gauge

Allt-Na-BalltOn18 (1:48 scale) Scottish estate railway.

Cotehangah BridgeOn18 (1:48 scale) Scottish estate railway.

Tyne (E) QuayOn18 (1:48 scale) industrial railway.

Farrall SidingsOn18 (1:48 scale) industrial railway.

Desert Island DiscOn20 (1:48) whimsical layout.

FC Pampa y Fernandez0n30 (1:48 scale) South American railway.

Muston SandsOn30 (1:48 scale) coastal tourist line in North Yorkshire.

Warley FenGn18 (1:24 scale) agricultural line.

Lescanby Moor – Gn18 (1:24 scale) mineral railway.

Castle HillGn18 (1:24 scale) mineral railway.

Phoenix Yard1:12 scale minimum gauge agricultural yard.

Travels With Charley1:72 scale abandoned railway.

Standard Gauge

SandbachN (1:160 scale) electrified line near the German/Swiss border.

San Vince de ReyN (1:160 scale) shunting on a sandwich tray.

KleinstedorfN (1:160 scale) East German microlayout.

ArundaleHO (1:87 scale) industrial scene in upstate New York.

FoxbaileOO (1:76 scale) light railway in a boxfile.

Park Hall HaltOO (1:76 scale) , a real station near Oswestry

Lyddlow MillMinimum space O scale.

Princes RoadOO layout built for my son.

ArchiveLayouts from my past.

Exhibition Status Colour Coding

Green = Available for local exhibitions by public transport (no expenses).

Amber = May require vehicle hire and fuel expenses (see contact page).

Red = Unavailable or unsuitable for exhibitions.


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