Lyddlow Mill


This O gauge nanolayout still needs some tweaking on the scenery, and a lighting rig making, but is otherwise completed.


The layout is operated as a very small shunting puzzle. Coal wagons need to be shunted to the drop alongside the warehouse while vans and other wagons are positioned at the loading bay.

The layout becomes gridlocked if more than five wagons at once are used but the stock can be rotated by swapping wagons in the fiddleyard between shunts.

The simple, pointless, design is another version of Jack Trollope’s often copied Shortover Yard (as seen on the Small Layout Scrapbook) with three tracks emerging from beneath a bridge, connected by an off stage cassette in the case of Lyddlow Mill.

Shortover Yard


So there you have it, O scale, standard gauge, in 37×13 inches.



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