Please use one of media listed below if you have any questions or comments regarding a layout or blog entry. For enquiries about exhibition availability and estimated expenses please email. I do not have a car but some layouts can travel locally (from Sandbach, Cheshire) by bus or train, others would require a hire vehicle.

Email –

Model Trains International – Blackcloud Railways

NGRM On-Line – Blackcloud Railways

Model Railway Layouts – Bob Hughes

Text and photographs from PlayingTrains.WordPress.Com are not available for use by Warner Publications and may not be duplicated in any of their magazines, forums or websites. Material from PlayingTrains.WordPress.Com is freely available for non-commercial re-use providing the origin is acknowledged and this paragraph is copied, in full, therewith.

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I have a strong dislike of text messages and I don’t answer my mobile phone while I’m at work because I drive for a living but anyone who knows me personally is welcome to call my home number, or just knock on the door to visit FCPyF headquarters and have a mug of tea (or a bottle of beer) while discussing toy trains and life in general.


I have a Twitter account but it is seldom used other than for publicising new posts on my blog because I tend to rattle on about things and find the limit of 140 characters per tweet too restrictive. I can also be found (spending far too much time) on Facebook.

Please refer to the "Contact" page if you wish to comment.

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