Please use one of media listed below if you have any questions or comments regarding a layout or blog entry. For enquiries about exhibition availability and estimated expenses please email. I do not have a car but some layouts can travel locally (from Sandbach, Cheshire) by bus or train, others would require a hire vehicle.

Email –

Model Trains International – Blackcloud Railways

NGRM On-Line – Blackcloud Railways

~ ~ ~

The FCPyF welcomes visitors by prior appointment. Guest locomotives and railcars can be run on the railway, which uses analogue DC control and has a generous loading gauge by On30 standards.T42Have a coffee (or a beer) while playing trains and discussing life in general.

COPYRIGHT – Text and photographs featuring my models are not available for use by Warner Publications and may not be duplicated in any of their magazines, forums or websites. Other publishing companies may apply for permission before use. Material from PlayingTrains.WordPress.Com is freely available for non-commercial re-use providing the origin and my copyright is acknowledged.
DATA PROTECTION – If you wish to use email to make a comment please note that I keep no permanent records of email addresses unless they belong to regular correspondents. Comments received via the model railway forums listed above are covered by those websites’ own data protection measures. Emails received in connection with exhibition invitations are retained on file in my AOL email account until the date of the event before being deleted.
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