Park Hall Halt

Park Hall Halt was my first attempt at modelling a real place. Admittedly it’s not a very big station with a complicated track plan, but I don’t build big complicated layouts so it was a perfect choice. In actual fact I’ve only modelled half of the station, the other half (in real life) was on the other side of the road bridge thus making it an even better prototype for a microlayout.

platform phh

The idea originated with a picture in a book about diesel railcars and multiple units but came to fruition due to the Cheshire Railway Modellers modular layout, built for their 2009 show at Crewe Heritage Centre.

Park Hall Halt 1

Park Hall Halt was part of that first outing for the modules and went to several subsequent shows before finally being exhibited solo at Oswestry station in July 2013. This was an especially fitting retirement because the real Park Hall Halt was between Oswestry and Gobowen. The photo below shows my model of the station sitting on the disused track at the real place, the woodwork in the weeds immediately behind the layout is the ramp at the end of the platform.

phh at phh 2

I had a potential buyer (who told me he did his courting on the station) for the model but his other half put a block on the purchase and I’ve since decided to keep it. I don’t dabble in OO scale much these days, being more into narrow gauge in larger scales, but I do like Park Hall Halt and it doesn’t take up much room.