Who, where, what and why?

My name is Bob Hughes, raised in Glossop, now living in Sandbach, and the website’s title says exactly what it is about.

Just playing with toy trains.

My model railway interests are varied, tending more towards narrow gauge in the larger scales, and usually in limited spaces but the FCPyF has been rebuilt as a single large layout instead of a conglomeration of smaller ones in modular format.

This website is intended as my diary but if you’d like to tag along for the ride please feel welcome. As the site develops it should show the progress of various railway modelling projects and layouts but, as you’ll see from the blog entries, my main interest lies with O scale narrow gauge modelling.

For about thirty years I have attended model railway shows with my layouts but I don’t have a car now and cannot accept invitations unless the organisers are willing to pay for a hire vehicle. Any events I will be attending are listed on the Exhibitions page.

WF gradient

That covers who, where and what, as for why…

Well, I think that deep down most railway modellers, when pushed, will admit that playing with toy trains is fun.

Does there need to be a better reason than that?

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The photo used for the banner at the top of this page, Lambton Tank number 29 at Goathland, was taken in the mid-1970s. That’s me on the footplate!


Many years have taken their toll since then but I still love trains. Electric, diesel or steam.


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