Out and about with Allt-Na-Ballt

I was going be at this event with Allt-Na-Ballt but unforeseen circumstances now mean that I cannot attend.

However, this show has consistently tabled an exceptionally good display of modelling every time I have visited or exhibited at it and I would most sincerely recommend it to any modellers who are in the area.

Click here for the SCMMC website.

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Fruitful modelling

Clementines are in the supermarkets again so it’s time to add to the On18 module collection.

With the fourth section of the planned layout I’ve used up all my Kato Unitrack for now. I’ll order some more track so that I can add further pieces before the show in Nantwich next February.

The new module is shown with one of the earlier sections in the last photo. The scenic profile at the ends of the boards will be roughly matched but loose bushes will be used to disguise baseboard joins eventually.

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More temptation

There is a discussion on a Facebook group about the famous Gorre and Daphetid model railroad (above) and how to model it as a microlayout. Various plans have been put forward but even in Z scale they are over four square feet. Over four square feet is not a microlayout.

Any microlayout enthusiast will tell you that the trick lies in being selective, if you cannot fit the whole scene in you just model part of it… Just as you would with a model railway of any size because you’re not going to fit the West Coast Main Line from Euston to Glasgow in the average garage.

Given this selectiveness, and the knowledge that the G&D was designed to be operated as a point to point layout in addition to having a continuous run, we can now look at Gorre as a terminus instead of a through station.

This could easily be the basis for a workable plan for American N scale diesel era microlayout.


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Foxbaile revisited

My tiny boxfile layout spends most of its time on a bookshelf. It’s far too small to hold much operational interest when compared to the FCPyF but it doesn’t take up much space when stood on end and goes largely unnoticed.

I’ve been following Giles Barnabe’s “1860 and all that” thread since it started on the MTI forum. I have no immediate intentions of building my own old time layout, though I did attempt it a few years ago when I inherited some 19th century trains from John Marsden. Anyhow, Foxbaile lends itself to the theme here with a posed (as were prototype photos in the era) image of a train awaiting departure.

What is conspicuously absent from the scene is the train crew and station staff proudly assembled in front of the train as was the norm for such photographs.

The engine is an HO scale model, admittedly foreign but not unlike British locos of the early steam era.

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Errm, EM?

No, I’m not going to start playing with smaller toy trains, or get a tweed jacket, this is just a brief diversion from my O scale narrow gauge modelling.

I have made a small diorama, OK, a plinth, for my Matchbox “Rocket” to sit on though. The die-cast loco is modelled in 4mm scale, with the track gauge being approximately 18mm. I have cut a short length of OO track so that it looked as if each rail is set on stone blocks instead of wooden sleepers. The rails were then glued to gauge on the base and buried in bird grit. Green scatter completes the scene as trackside grass.

It’s nothing spectacular but it does look better having the model just sitting on top of the fireplace in the front room.

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Wednesday whimsy

Wednesday again, a morning pottering around with bits and pieces resulted in this idea for a 1930s vintage 2-4-2 diesel loco which is inspired by a conversation on the MTI forum, and by email, with Giles Barnabe and Ian Bareham.

The mechanism is a two axle motor bogie from a OO scale DMU and the cab is obviously from a Gnomy truck but the bonnet may be a bit harder to recognise.

It’s from a Tri-ang Battlespace searchlight wagon, picked up from a junk box beneath a trade stand at a show in Prestatyn a few years ago.

Whether or not this loco will make it to the main FCPyF layout is anybody’s guess. There is an ever growing number of part built locos, and a large pile of scrap, in the yard at Cuarto Sheds!


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Class 30 testing

The FCPyF’s new class 30 diesel railcar has been fitted with a tension lock coupler on the rear and running test trains between Centrales and Cumbre this afternoon, propelling uphill and hauling down. The train was formed of the railcar and three very old “Mainline” BR MkI underframes. These OO scale underframes will be used under the additional railcar bodies, making unpowered dummies to run with the motorised railcar.

The test train derailed on the first downhill run. Examination of both the train and the track revealed no fault and subsequent runs in both directions gave no further problems. I can only guess that the train was not placed properly on the track for the first uphill run and the derailment was caused when the downhill run reached the facing points for the siding at Rio Paleta. With testing now completed satisfactorily I’ll shorten each MkI chassis to fit the railcar bodies.


EDIT 28 Oct ’17

Me and technology don’t mix. I seem to have failed to complete the order for three additional coaches somehow. I’ve contacted the seller to see if they’re still available but it might be that the prototype class 30 car may be a one off after all.

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