Tyne (E) Quay

How many times do you here that whining voice at exhibitions?

“I’d build a layout, but I’ve got no room.”

tyne e 1

No such thing as no room. All you need to do is choose a scale and a subject that will fit the room you have.

tyne e 2

Forget the Flying Scotsman hurtling along the East Coast Main Line. Try an industrial scene because goods wagons are much smaller than passenger coaches. Try narrow gauge, that’s even smaller. Try using your imagination

tyne e 5

Tyne (E) Quay was started as an N scale layout, then forgotten about for years. When I found the part worked project (no scenery or wiring) I decided to convert it to On18.

tyne e 4

The front track needed replacing, to allow for the larger loading gauge that comes with O scale, then the scenic work went together easily.

tyne e 3OK, so it’s nothing spectacular, but it is an operational micro-layout.