The Mine

A good many years ago I built a Gn15 mine microlayout in black and white, history had it that the local landowner, Lord Hayfinch, did a bunk to Latin America in order to avoid either Lady Hayfinch or the tax man (or both). Not much was known at the time about the gentleman’s exploits in Sierra Oculta but I can now reveal photographs of how he put his mining experience to good use.


At first the mine appeared to be another similar microlayout, not much more than an adit with an 18 inch gauge tramway operated by a battery electric loco. Which is actually powered by horizontal puppet strings (just as were the Hayfinch Estate and Treacle Mine microlayouts).


The tramway was built using N gauge track, buried to hide the under scale sleepers.


…but could it be described as a microlayout?


It could be lifted off the cliff-top and operated independently.

The Mine, and the Jones River module it was part of, have since been dismantled.

A new version is perched above the siding at Rio Paleta on the rebuilt FCPyF.

The new version has a wriggly tin building holding a loading tipple to transfer ore from the tramway to waiting hopper and gondola cars on the FCPyF. The other shed houses a generator for recharging the battery trammer and to provide lighting in the mine.

The tramway is still worked by the fishing line powered loco.