Phoenix Yard

Phoenix Yard is a re-build of an earlier layout (Hazy Days) and retains some of the original features, notably the warehouse and the gang of teenagers loitering around.

This 1:12 scale micro layout is based on the tried and tested “Tuning Fork” design with a single set of points and a pair of sidings to allow limited shunting.

The scene is a quite yard, served by an agricultural estate’s narrow (18 inch) gauge railway, with the sidings being used for seasonal traffic during harvesting of apples in the estate’s orchards.

The whitewashed building contains a cider press. Other inward traffic is empty barrels and crates, out-bound traffic comprises of filled barrels and bottled cider.

The yard is also used for storing other items of railway equipment when not in use for cider traffic.

Layout and webpage under construction – last updated July 2018.