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Individual modellers’ websites, Facebook pages and blogs

  • Andy Basford – Fellow small layout enthusiast.
  • Andy Cooper – Oldham to Oban in 4mm finescale.
  • Andy Evans – An Englishman abroad, modelling in Germany.
  • Andy Jones – Exquisite scenic modelling.
  • Bob Reid – Scottish railwayman, expert in coaching stock.
  • Chris Nevard – Well known modeller and photographer.
  • Chris Thompson – Brass bands and toy trains.
  • Dave Smith – A retired railwayman building kits to order and for himself.
  • Gary Beatty – Mexican modelling, excellent home made structures and figures.
  • Ian Fleming – Finescale wagons, excellent weathering.
  • Ian Holmes – Building a microlayout in a drawer
  • James Wells – A signalman’s view of the railway.
  • Jim Smith Wright – Birmingham New Street reproduced in miniature.
  • Martin Hogg – An eclectic mixture of modelling.
  • Mike Bragg – Micro layouts in O scale.
  • Phil Bartlett – South Staffordshire modelling by a South Staffordshire railwayman.
  • Tim Hale – Mainly modelling German railways.
  • Tom Conboy – HO scale American modelling.
  • Tom Foster – 4mm finescale from a relatively young modeller.
  • Tony Pritchard – Mainly narrow gauge in a variety of scales.


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