FCPyF miscellany

The Sarissa stations had their roof ridges fitted yesterday.

They still need rainwater guttering and downspouts adding, so the roofs are still loose on the buildings, but these details can be added at a later date.

To be honest though, with my eyesight, the omission is not glaringly obvious whereas a badly done job would be. Meanwhile the turntable at San Fernandez now looks as if it’s part of the layout instead of just grafted onto the end of it.

Again gutters and downspouts would not go amiss on the city buildings but they’re not particularly high on the to do list. Also bouncing along towards the bottom of that list is a clockwork loco conversion. Something of a Frankenstein’s monster, combining bits from various sources.

It started life, donkey’s years ago, as a Playcraft toy. Presumably a rough representation of a French loco but carrying BR markings. As mentioned, it’s not a priority job. It’ll be used for testing new trackwork before the wiring is installed but I can’t honestly see it being used to pull trains!

In a surprise development, genuinely unplanned, there is another clockwork loco taking shape in San Fernandez Works too. As I was ambling into town on my way to the market this morning I spotted something bright blue lying on the road. At first I thought it was a bit of litter but as I got closer I realised it was one of the Hornby clockwork train set locos, shy of a chimney, dome and one of the front buffers but it was otherwise intact. I have no idea where it came from, there were no other pedestrians around, let alone any with small children, but it obviously had not been run over so it couldn’t have been there for more than a few minutes.

Anyhow, I stuck it in my coat pocket and carried on into town, When I got home I had another look at it. The mechanism was tightly wound up so I oiled all the bearings and gently released some of the tension before digging out my key and rewinding it. The loco does actually work though there appears to be quite a bit of rust on the bearings so it might benefit from running in. I’ll get the roundy roundy test track out later.

What to do with it? I think it might be possible to mount the body high on the chassis (above, left) then lower the footplate at the cab end (above, right) to get either a 1:48 or 1:55 loco out of it. The former would have limited use on the FCPyF but the latter might find a purpose on the 55n3 modules. Every exhibition layout needs a small blue engine with a smiley face for when bored sprogs are tugging at their owners’ hands and want to look at something else.

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