Lochside MkII – Lockside – Clementine Wharf

While operating the 5.5mm scale modules at Daventry yesterday my old Lochside layout came up in discussion and I mused that I regretted selling it.

Maybe it’s time I built a new version but I’m running out of space so it’ll have to be compact!

Pedants may say it’s not actually a canal lock that’s modelled but an arm, a waterways version of a private siding, instead. OK, but arm side doesn’t really work as a layout title does it? It may be that the arm is actually off a tidal river and is provided with gates, beyond the bridge, to retain water at low tide so it is a lock of sorts. Anyway it’s just a toy train so it doesn’t really matter!

I’m undecided yet whether to model it as O scale or 5.5mm but the baseboard and track are cut ready for assembly as soon as I’m in a soldering mood, cue the smell of burning fingertips.

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Retired railwayman, life long railway modeller, lover of real ale and spicy food.
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