End of the line

Cuarto Sheds was built as a storage area for works in progress. Though the tracks on the diorama are wired up it has never been used as an active model.

The diorama has sat on a bedroom windowsill since it was made but is to be added to the main FCPyF layout as the final section of the “2016” rebuild.

There is space between Cuarto de Pulgada and the front door of the garage to mount the loco shed scene on the wall so that it can become part of the operational layout.

I have started work on the project, the shed board now latches on to the end of the station but a supporting bracket needs fixing to the wall to hold the other end. The running shed has been dismantled and will be relocated closer to the workshop, allowing for the curved approach tracks from the turntable. A coaling stage will be built to disguise the baseboard join between the station and the sheds, possibly with the scenery extended to make the shed board match the width of the station.


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