Bargain box

I walked to Sandbach this morning, travelling faster than the traffic on Crewe Road because the M6 was bunged up and that has a knock on effect on the local roads. When I got to town I bought a paper and had a quick look around the market before going to work.

Passing one of the charity shops I noticed a box of model railway stuff for sale, at the price I thought it might be worth buying so I went in.

On getting home after work I’ve emptied the box and sorted the jumbled contents out. I reckoned there were half a dozen wagons, the count is actually eight. They’re OO but suitable for conversion (or reuse of the running gear) as On30 wagons. There’s also a badly damaged BR MkIII coach, only good for scrap but I have salvaged its axles. I counted three locos in the shop but there was actually another hidden at the bottom of the box. Two of these are in working order. One is a Smoky Joe type pug suitable for conversion to On30. The other, a class 45 diesel, is not really much use to me but might be cleaned up and sold on to recoup some of my outlay for the mixed lot.

Of the other two, non-running, locos one has an old Mainline mechanism. It looks as if the rear driving axle has split so it’ll probably not be worth repairing but the bodywork may provide some useful spare parts. The other non-runner is a model of “Evening Star”. This is a tender powered model but lacks its tender. However it may be possible to rebuild it as an On30 loco to share #117’s motorised tender or use the motor bogie from the diesel to make a new tender.

In addition to the trains there are a couple of buildings that are suitable for conversion to O scale and a full circle of curved track, quite a few straights and four sets of damaged points. It may be possible to get one or two decent sets by cannibalising the damaged sets but Hornby points are not the best in the world so I don’t think I’ll bother.

Add to the above a couple of bags of scenic scatter-matter and an, as yet untested, mains controller. All in all not a bad impulse buy, and the price was right.


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