The bridge, abridged, part 2

The oldest part of the FCPyF is the shelf above the washing machine. In fact this shelf pre-dates the railway by a number of years, it came with the house!

Until this weekend the shelf was an off-stage, non-scenic, section but I have fitted a rock face around the outside of it so the scenery is now continuous between Lago Cumbre and the bridge across the house doorway.

At the Cuarto de Pulgada end of the bridge I have removed the water tank/portal and replaced it with a signalbox to act as punctuation at the end of the upper terminus baseboard.

Both are still work in progress, the rock face needs topping with hanging basket liner and the signalbox needs new roof tiles adding. Jobs for Sunday morning.


About Bob Hughes

Ex railwayman, life long railway modeller, lover of real ale and spicy food.
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