British train enthusiasts refer to the class 66 locos as sheds because of their peaked roofs. FCPyF staff refer to this loco as the shed because it looks like a shed.

The former Ferrocarril San Pedro diesel was seen this afternoon working a railfan excursion train. Well, who else would want to ride in a tatty old coach behind a clapped out diesel? The loco has seen better days, and been patched up where the woodwork was rotted, but it still runs and can earn its keep so long as the train spotters are willing to pay for day trips like this.

The coach still carries its FSP markings, mainly because the FCPyF couldn’t be bothered to repaint it, so this photo could have been taken before the line to San Pedro closed in 1957.

Still work in progress on the shed, it needs the roof re-covering and a headlight adding above the cab door. Then that huge cowcatcher will be painted with alternate black and white bars.


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