M for furry little creatures

I had a problem with rats in the FCPyF’s tunnels last winter, dealt with by the council’s rodent man. For the last couple of weeks my dog, Star, has been acting strangely in the garage and garden so I’ve raked out and binned all the accumulated “useful” junk from between the shed and the garage then had a prod underneath the shed with a long stick. This had Star running rings round the shed, it disturbed a mouse!

Mice I can cope with, they’re a lot easier to trap than rats and also an indication that there are no rats about because they seldom co-exist.

After lunch I flushed the space under the shed with water and at the same time cleaned out the shed itself. More evidence of rodent activity in here so this is where I’ll set some traps, not least because Star has a liking for peanut butter and cheese but cannot get into the shed on her own. Additional traps will be placed in the garage, again in locations out of dog’s reach.

No activity on the FCPyF today but I’ve been playing TrainStation on line, now at level 898 and aiming for 900 before the weekend is out.

I can understand how people get addicted to internet games.


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