G for gardening

This is probably not the best time of year to be thinking about a garden railway but I was rummaging in the cupboard this morning and lifted out two boxes of G scale toy trains so I had room to manoeuvre… Then forgot to put them back again, though I did wonder why there seemed to be more space than there was!

The two trains are by no means scale models, just battery powered toys bought for my son when he was a couple of years old, but a lick of paint will hide the plastic shine. Both locos were identical apart from the colours until the red one was involved in an accident and broke off the front pony truck.

I’ve had a look at it and decided that the best option would be to run it as a six wheeler instead of trying to repair the broken part, so the frame has been shortened and the cow catcher reattached closer to the smokebox. I’ll get some batteries and see if one or both locos still work, if they do I’ll be taking up gardening in the spring.

The train sets date back to the 1990s, so they’re probably collectors’ items now, not that something being rare has ever stopped me making it rarer! There are some currently on eBay, and they’re not cheap, but when I bought mine they were a tenner each.


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