All steamed up


42 arrives at Cuarto de Pulgada while 117 awaits departure.

As it’s getting on for the summer tourist season in Sierra Oculta the FCPyF has replaced all but the first and last railcar workings of the day on the line to Cuarto with steam trains.

With 42 in the loop 117 is ready to depart.

42 operated the single round trip diagram normally worked by 117 while 117 herself was on the two trip diagram usually worked by railcar 30.

When 42 had run round her train and the crew went for lunch and a siesta.

Eventually 117 returned from Grande.

The two trains between them kept the station staff at Cuarto de Pulgada busy with the extra running round instead of simple railcar reversals.

As soon as 117 came to a stand 42 was away down the hill heading back to Grande.

But things don’t always go to plan on the railway.


As the train departed from Rio Paleta the first and second driving axles split the points. The train was backed onto the track again and no fault could be seen with the turnout. I can only assume it was a bit of loose debris on the track, there were no further problems with the points. Ho hum, no point in filling out any paperwork, it only causes grief when management get involved.


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