I’ve been restaging the trains ready for the next operating session. This involves backing them out of the staging yard at San Fernandez, reversing the consists and emptying wagons as required, then backing the trains into the staging yard again so they’re the right way round for their next call.

Loco No.7 also needed turning end for end and it’s easier to do this on the turntable at Grande than it is to do it by hand. While the mogul was at Grande I used Porter No.5 to push the coaches back to San Fernandez. I was surprised how well it handled the heavy train before returning light engine to Grande.

Having said that though, this diminutive loco looks vaguely ridiculous with a full sized train so I wondered if something else might be better suited.

I borrowed the small, two axle, coach from Muston Sands and No.5 managed this train up the grade from Bodjio, through Rio Paleta, to Lago Cumbre with no problems at all, even with a very dodgy, and typical narrow gauge, combination of couplings between the coach and the tender!

I’ve got some Kadees on order to solve this mish-mash and the Porter might well get a job hauling the small coach on a stopping train service between Grande and Cuarto de Pulgada.


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