Miércoles en el ferrocarril*

Wednesday is a day off paid work so usually a day when I make some progress with various half finished projects on the railway, but this week I’ve just been playing trains, big time.

I’ve had to upload to YouTube in three stages of about five minutes each because the system would not accept it all at once, even when I confirmed my ID by phone, but if you watch them in sequence you’ll see a full day’s operation on the railway.

Part 2, 3m40s – The caption “117 running round train…” should read at Cuarto, not at Grande.

The Wickham trolley was stabled at Mucho Bodjio for a late night run to Frog Rock then returned to Rio Paleta early on Thursday morning, everything else ended up back where it started from and ready for the next day’s workings.

* Though depicting Wednesday on the railway this blog entry was posted on Thursday morning due to the considerable delays encountered when uploading to YouTube (which is why I’ve not bothered correcting the erroneous caption in part two). These three slideshows are the result of about fourteen hours work in total. As pastimes go, railway modelling certainly passes the time!

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