Domingo en el ferrocarril

Continuing the railway weekend, Sunday mornings are very quiet on the FCPyF. Locomotive hauled trains are rarely seen on the sabbath and the railcars don’t usually start running until after lunchtime, which means it’s a good day to get some work done.

The loco fuelling facility at Grande is being rebuilt to fill the area formerly occupied by a scrap heap. This pile of junk was supposed to reflect a similar scrap heap behind the loco shed on the Craig and Mertonford Railway but turned into a dumping ground for just about anything. The rebuild was being planned on Friday, a template having been cut to shape as can be seen in the operating session video.

The old coaling stage has been removed and some items salvaged for reuse.

The new facility is a lot higher than the old one, making it easier to fill the loco tenders, though harder to unload the incoming coal wagons, but the wagons can be left at this side of the stage while locos are serviced at the other side. Access is via the turntable and through the loco shed.

The fuelling point is still work in progress but it is taking shape nicely, just needing brickpaper, painting and weathering to complete.


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