Sábado en el ferrocarril

Regular visitors to the FCPyF will have noticed that there’s no rio at Rio Paleta, just a dry riverbed.

The sparse rainfall in this area of Sierra Oculta also means that the well feeding the railway’s water tank at Rio frequently runs dry. There is an alternative source of water for steam trains at Lago Cumbre but there are no staff based there so the MoW crew from Rio have to attend to the pump to ensure the tank is full before the train arrives.

As the daily steam hauled passenger train stops at Lago Cumbre to detach the assisting loco it makes more sense to take water here too.

The alternative is to bring water in by rail, a nice little earner for the water company but their product is not ideal for use in locomotive boilers.

Anyways, that’s the reason I’ve moved the tank at Cumbre this morning. It now sits on the station platform, instead being next to the pump house, so the train stops in the right place to detach the banker when taking water.


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