The mine at Rio sits at the end of a short siding, unfortunately it wasn’t very well thought out when I built it because there was no room to run a hopper beyond the tipple.

I’ve done some scenic work in this area of the layout today and cured the problem.

The mine module was removed from the layout and part of its baseboard trimmed.

Then the scenery on the layout was cut away to accommodate the siding extension.

Modelling clay was used to fill the hole. This will dry a paler shade of grey and should match the existing rock without much painting. It will almost certainly crack as it dries and may need some repairing as it does.

The extended siding can now have a second hopper loading while a full one is held beyond the tipple. Also seen in the photo above is the mine tramway.

This is operational, powered by fishing line, though rarely photographed.

An overall view of the mine, seldom seen from above because it is at eye level.


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