Illegal immigrants

While cleaning the track between Rio and Cumbre this morning I noticed some dark deposits. I have not inspected the contents of the vacuum cleaner, so they may be just bits of cinders from the ash used to create the scenery in this area but, on the other hand, they may indicate the presence of illegals hiding in Sierra Oculta again.

Poison trays have been deployed at both ends of the layout, below the track in the tunnel between Frog Rock and San Fernandez and on the hillside above the junction at Bodjio. Both locations carefully chosen as being well out of reach for a nosy dog yet not interfering with the passage of trains.

Any spillage from the first tray will be retained within the tunnel while the tray on the hillside is about twelve inches from the baseboard edge, that distance including the railway, in a cutting, so there is no chance of any spilled bait making it to the garage floor.


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