Tanked up

The FCPyF is closed to all traffic at the moment because I’ve got a contractor doing some work in the back garden this week so the bridges across both doors are dismantled to allow unimpeded access.

With no distraction from trains I have moved the tank at Grande (1), now located near the turntable instead of behind the loco shed. The area behind the shed, formerly a scrap metal pile, has been cleared and will be developed as workshops and a messroom. While Lago Cumbre (2) is out of the layout I’ve taken the opportunity to build a new water tank for the station. Based roughly on the old Hornby tinplate tank in use at Cuarto de Pulgada (3), the new water tank utilises three peanut butter jar lids and the support pillar is part of a broken toy of some description that’s been on the kitchen windowsill for a couple of years (never throw anything away).

The photo of Lago Cumbre shows the tank under construction, it still needs painting and a ladder adding but that’s a sticking point. I cannot find O scale ladders anywhere, N, HO, and OO no problem but no O scale.

The building on the short pier in photo 2 is not a privy, it’s the pump and filter house taking water from Summit Lake!


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