On the rocks and under the weather

The cream colour of most of the rocks in Sierra Oculta was a failed attempt to copy the colour of an outcrop at Rio Paleta and has never really looked right.

It has been repainted over the last couple of days with some fractured strata added in places where the loft insulation foam was not originally covered with newspaper before plastering and painting.

Where possible the rock faces were roughened by scoring with a screwdriver then rubbing with the heel of my thumb.

Undiluted black paint was applied using a brush then washed off using a wet sponge, leaving uneven colouring and dark “shadows” in crevices. The results are pretty good in some places, passable in others and still work in progress in a few locations.

I’m particularly pleased with the effect achieved at Cuarto de Pulgada (above), which is a big improvement on what it looked like previously. Though I still need to get round to repainting and/or weathering that shiny Hornby tinplate water tower.


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