We live and learn

What we now regard as railways had their origins in primitive tramways, usually in connection with mining operations, both above and below ground. The Tranent to Cockenzie Waggonway was the scene of part of the Battle of Prestonpans in 1745, a long time before what is generally deemed to be the birth of the railways.

Yet, as the title of this blog entry reads, we live and learn. I’ve just found out about a very much earlier railway dating back to at least 1504, possibly earlier, and what’s more this one is still in use!

Der Reiszug is a funicular, a cable hauled railway, in Salzburg and the upper terminus would make a lovely little microlayout because the line drops through a doorway in the castle wall.

The wagon parked in the archway is a combined passenger and goods vehicle.

The photos are from Funimag and the full article can be found on this link.


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