Independence Day

Wrong railway? Wrong continent actually, but geography doesn’t seem to be a strong point in the good ol’ U. S. of A.

A happy Fourth Of July to our colonial cousins.

The Budd RDC is a tad out of place on the FCPyF, wrong scale as well as wrong railway. My first encounter with a model of one of these iconic railcars was while on holiday in Whitby. A shop near the swing bridge had the Tri-ang Transcontinental version on display in the window. Even at a young age I was a fan of diesel railcars but unfortunately a 1960s schoolboy’s pocket money did not run to that kind of thing. When I started modelling US HO scale in the 1980s I acquired one of the Athearn rubber band driven models, it looked OK and lasted until Life-Like brought out their excellent version, which is the model featured in this post.


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