Late arrival

Since converting the single toy train coach to On30 for the FCPyF’s railcar fleet I have been searching in vain for more examples of the same cheap plastic toy in order to create a two or three car train.

FCPyF class 30a at Cuarto de Pulgada.

I eventually spotted one while browsing on eBay yesterday. However it was not an advertised lot but in the background of a photo showing an HO scale coach. I contacted the vendor to enquire if the railcar was available for sale and he replied, telling me that it was part of a two car set but had been sold.

All was not lost though, he went on to tell me that he had a similar single car available. This is now making its way to FCPyF HQ!

Class 30b (builder’s photo).

Car 305 is motorised using a Lima diesel mechanism. While these are OK they’re not really the best you can get and, more importantly, they will not run on the FCPyF because of the power pick-up being split over both bogies and therefore incompatible with the controller change-overs at Bodjio. As the new car is double ended it would make sense to keep it as a motorised unit so it can be run either alone or as half of a two car train. I’ll remove the Lima chassis and see if the Athearn mechanism currently under the single ended railcar will fit. If it does the single ended railcar will be fitted with an unpowered chassis and used as an unpowered dummy with the new car.

Class 30b (builder’s photo).

FCPyF class 30 will therefore be subdivided into 30a (the single ended) and 30b (double ended). In the unlikely event of the Athearn mechanism not fitting the new car it will be retained under the single ended car while the new car is either wired in parallel with the old one or gets a dummy chassis, though this would mean that they need to be kept as a two car train. The two cars carry different liveries, mine is plain red while the new one is brown with yellow ends. This is not really a problem because real life DMUs often seemed to have been mismatched in the past as sets were split for maintenance and reassembled with cars from other sets.

I think this is a really neat looking railcar (builder’s photo).

The advantage of running the class 30 railcars as a double ended train (driving cab at each end) is that it can turn back at any station, for example running between Cuarto and San Fernandez via Bodjio without needing a turntable when reversing. This would ease congestion at Grande.


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