From my window at work

I’m sure many people have a pleasant view from their window at work, but mine is probably better! As a delivery driver in a predominantly rural area I find sunny days like today really enjoyable.

But what has this to do with toy trains? Let’s look again from a slightly different angle.

If I didn’t know better I’d say this used to be a level crossing with a cattle-creep next to it. However, an old map of the area shows just the bridge.

I have a later OS map of Stoke which shows the Biddulph Valley line in its freight only era, with the passenger stations marked as closed, and that too shows Marshgreen Lane as just passing under the railway by bridge. It would appear that the “level crossing” is a later feature, built to avoid the very low bridge after the trains stopped running.

If it were a combined bridge and crossing feature I reckon it would make a pretty neat microlayout… With a railway instead of the footpath, naturally!

Woodland either side to frame the scene means it could be anywhere, allowing British, European or American trains to be run by simply replacing the crossing signs. One for the back burner, but an idea I’m quite taken with.


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