The O scale coach (previously mentioned here) arrived this afternoon.

On comparison with one the Faller coaches in the yard at Grande it is apparent that (running gear apart) the standard gauge vehicle actually has a slightly smaller loading gauge than that of the narrow gauge one.

Conversion to On30 is definitely a possibility. The crudely built O scale model has a weird sort of charm though, harking back to a bygone era. It is constructed from plywood and card, and in fairly good condition apart from those awful rain strips on the roof, but the roof will have to come off anyway so I can repair the window glazing, it’s made of card, easily removed and replaced with a new one, I’ll redo the rain strips using fuse wire.

Can I bring myself to convert it to On30? Should I just remove the running gear to make that holiday accommodation at Muston Sands? Or is that old style modelling charm too strong and does it deserve to be preserved?

I did say there was a third option in the earlier blog entry, with some coffee stirrers for running boards and steps (inset) it would be ideal as a workmen’s train on Lyddlow Mill.

My preference is for narrow gauge modelling, but this coach merits careful renovation using the original materials, card and wood. The charm here is not in the quaint or old fashioned prototype but in the old fashioned modelling.

There’s more fun in toy trains than just owning accurate replicas of the prototype, somebody put time and effort into making this and it was probably his pride and joy when he finished it. Not by a long streak is it perfect, but that’s not what matters. What matters is the difference between mass produced or hand crafted, plastic or card and wood, machine made or labour of love.



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