Stirring it up

Following the derailment at Lago Cumbre early this morning freight motor 9 was detached from railcar 22 and returned to Grande to allow the breakdown train access to the railcar. Services resumed at about 9am and were getting back to normal by lunchtime. Freight motor 9 was dispatched to run as an extra from Grande to Cuarto behind the mail train.

The freight motor had an empty coach in tow, needed to provide passenger accommodation on tonight’s mixed train in lieu of railcar 22.

This is not the most luxurious of coaches, in fact it looks as if it’s been salvaged from the scrap line. The roof has no felt, just bare planks, and the paint is flaking off the woodwork on the coach body.

So where has it come from…? It looks rather colonial, with the sun shades above the windows, but it is (or was) one of these.

Plus a lot of coffee stirrers!

The photos of freight motor 9 and the coach were taken at lunchtime with my cheapo camera while my phone was on charge. A better image can be seen below.

There’s still some work to be done on the underframe with additional intermediate level steps needed at each end but these can’t be added until the chassis and body are permanently glued together once the glazing has been fitted.


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