Timetable changes

Readers in the UK will, no doubt, be aware of the monumental cock-up with the new timetables on Northern and GVT. These are not the only railway companies with diagramming problems, the FCPyF introduced a new passenger service at the weekend using a “scratch” set of coaches including the railway’s large caboose. This vehicle had only been used to provide passenger accommodation on the rear of freight trains previously and had not been required to access the middle road at Grande. However, the new timetable entails the set being stabled on this siding, which is where a problem arose.

The caboose has a low-slung battery box which fouled the loading gauge in the siding, so some ground needed to be dug out to provide clearance.

It is fairly well known that the railway’s management frowns upon wastage so the material removed was loaded into one of the MoW department’s side tippers and dispatched on the San Fernandez freight this afternoon.

On arrival at Bodjio the tipper was set out in the siding, pending a decision upon where the material is to be used, then the freight continued on its way. The unscheduled shunt at Bodjio meant the train was now running late and, on a single track railway, this inevitably has a knock-on effect.

In this case the mid-day mail train from San Fernandez to Grande was delayed, so it missed the booked connection with the afternoon railcar to Cuarto de Pulgada. Unlike Northern’s “emergency timetable” and having to wait until July to see if they can get it right, things should be back to normal on the FCPyF tomorrow.

But normal on the FCPyF usually means haphazard running anyway.


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