Derailment at Bodjio

Held at Bodjio to allow a Cuarto de Pulgada train to pass, #58 then continued its journey to Grande where the regular station shunter, #10, assisted in reversing the train after the passengers had alighted.

With the shunting completed #58 was ready to depart, only about 40 minutes late.

The train made good time and pulled back a couple of minutes on the  run to Bodjio.

But here things went seriously wrong.

The Maintenance of Way crew were called and arrived from Rio Paleta after about an hour. Nothing hurries in Sierra Oculta, the derailed train was late anyway so what’s the rush?

The MoW made short work of re-railing the coach so #58 could be on her way.

Nobody seemed bothered when the San Fernandez train arrived at Resurreccion, about two and a half hours late. There’s no point being bothered, it won’t make the train any less late if you are!

On a more serious note. There have been quite a few problems with the junction at Bodjio, especially with trains taking the sharper radius San Fernandez route. The cause is combined curvature in both the horizontal and vertical planes as trains crest the hill from Grande.

Hopefully the issue has now been solved with a slightly easier gradient achieved by raising Grande as much as possible using the adjustable feet at each of the six support points under the baseboard. If the problem persists I may need to add some packing to further raise the baseboard.

As a last resort there is the option of moving the junction closer to Grande so it is on a constant gradient, instead of at the crest, but this would involve quite a lot of work, both structural and scenic, in the area between the Bodjio and Grande.

EDIT – 22:10hrs 1/6/18

The junction at Bodjio is going to need more work over the weekend.

Shovelnose #29 has just derailed while working the last train of the day from Grande to San Fernandez, blocking both the San Fernandez and Cuarto lines.


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