Ruston at Muston

The coaches in these photos have a chequered history, they started out as On30 models for use with the original (microlayout) FCPyF before seeing a lot of use with the Ferrocarril Internacional on the exhibition circuit. When the FI was retired my sections of the layout were rebuilt into what has evolved into the current FCPyF. These coaches were then considered surplus to requirements so they were converted to On18 for use with Muston Sands.

When Muston was regauged to On30 the coaches received new running gear to match. As Muston is a “trains in the scenery” type layout with no on-stage shunting required the couplers do need to do anything fancy, like uncoupling, so they can be very simply made from bent wire. As usual my source of wire to bend was paperclips. The train runs as a fixed rake and has a tension lock coupler on the luggage van and an American horn-hook on the other end, modified so it’s tail can be latched over the tension lock coupler on the loco.

When Kadee fitted locos are used an adapter van with a Kadee on one end and a tension lock on the other will be used and, even though it was considered as surplus on the FCPyF,  I wouldn’t be surprised if this rather neat looking set appears on the big layout every once in a while… Though it’ll need something considerably heftier than the Seaside Line’s Ruston to cope with the gradients.


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