Day trip to Cuarto

I’ve found an old phone at home, not only does it have a better battery than the phone I have been using for the last few years but it also takes better photographs than my camera. I’ve not figured out how to work the camcorder function on it though, so I can’t make videos with it yet, but I have created a slideshow of a trip from Grande to Cuarto and back. The outward journey is with railcar number 30, returning with number 21.

All the images are raw, with no photoshopping at all, not even cropping to hide the mess that is the rest of the garage, so they are an accurate record showing the current state of the layout a lot more clearly than recent photographs have done.

One of the images of #21 at Grande is badly blurred, for which I apologise. I didn’t spot it when looking at the thumbnails and only noticed when watching the completed slideshow on full screen after uploading to YouTube, by which time it was too late to do anything about it.


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