Castle Hill Quarry

One of my first close up experiences of a narrow gauge railway was an old tramway I found buried in the mud and grass in a disused quarry near home when I was in my early teens. It wouldn’t have been loco worked as it was far too small a concern, more likely have to a wagon or two on it pushed by hand.

It’s probably rusted away completely by now but I’d like to remember it by using the single blade turnout I made a couple of days ago as the basis for a little diorama. Not actually a model of Castle Hill Quarry, just a freelance version to fit the scrap of plywood that the turnout is built on.

The loading dock would match the height of an old Fleischmann side tipper that I have and the other siding would be surrounded by bits and pieces representing stores and equipment brought in on a flat wagon. These two wagons would be the quarry tramway’s entire fleet. From the loading area the tramway would run off stage via a steep sided cutting.

With a bit of scenery roughed in the diorama begins to take shape.

The scale is not yet decided. On30 (2’6″ gauge) might be a bit too big so either 1:35 or, more likely, 1:24 scale might be used to represent a 2′ or 18″ gauge line. No locomotives would be involved, like the inspiration found in the mud all those years ago, this railway would rely purely on manual propulsion.


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