Small engines, small layout?

I have a number of On30 locos that rarely turn a wheel. Two diesels are employed as station pilots at the termini but the rest of the small locos don’t often get used because they cannot cope with the FCPyF’s fierce gradients.

The orange Ruston is the smallest of the On30 fleet, not much larger that a similar model in On18.

Perhaps a small shunting plank is called for. I’ve got a spare set of points that could be used for a “tuning fork” or I could just use plain rail to make a narrow gauge version of Lyddlow Mill.

Possibly even simpler would be to convert Muston Sands to On30. The On18 layout doesn’t get used these days and is just collecting dust in the spare bedroom. I’m fairly sure there’s enough clearance for the small On30 locos to run if the track were re-gauged and doing the job carefully would ensure that the scenery remained pretty much unchanged. Some of the Seaside Line’s passenger stock was originally built as On30 rather than On18 so converting those vehicles back to the wider gauge would not be a problem.


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