Ugly ducklings

I am a big fan of American, and American style, locos but I would readily admit some of them are quite ugly. Two such examples are the subject of this blog post. They both have more than a little bit to do with the dismantling of a Christmas decoration this afternoon.

The chances of it ever getting used again were very remote, and if I ever do need another they’re dirt cheap anyway so the engine and caboose met the scrap-man’s gas axe.

One piece of it that I had my eye on for use on the FCPyF was the loco’s cab.

I’ve never been happy with the way #57 looks and the Crimbo train’s cab is about the right size, so #57 also had some serious cutting done…

As ugly ducklings go, this one’s not all that bad looking any more!

A bit of filler around the front of the cab and a partial repaint will make the clockwork banking engine look even better. Yes, you read that correctly, #57 is a clockwork loco. The FCPyF still needs a lot of modernising!!!

However, the main reason for getting the Christmas train down from the attic was not the loco, it was the caboose.

Now we’re talking ugly. Many early American diesels were box cabs, probably not so many had a wooden body but this FCPyF diesel does.

The caboose body is a fairly good fit for an Underground Ernie EMU mechanism, the cowcatcher and bell are from the Christmas train, the cooling fan housings are wheels from one of the recently re-gauged Faller coaches… Not much goes to waste on the FCPyF.

There’s still a lot of work to do blending all the bits together but, whichever way you look at it, this one really is fugly.

As for the rest of the Christmas train…

The tender may be useful (motorised and filled with lead weights) behind loco #9, which currently can’t pull the skin off a rice pudding, and the present wagon will almost certainly get converted into a boxcar because it has nice planking detail under the paper stickers.

That just leaves the gandy dancer hand car, which is of no obvious use in On30 but might find its way onto one of my Gn15 layouts.




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