29 and 60

In a post a few days ago I mentioned that the large diesels, #29 and #60, had both been withdrawn from service because of problems on the curve between Bodjio and Grande.

The FCPyF’s CME has been working early this morning as a result of which #29 has been passed fit for service, following minor alterations to the front pilot, and allocated to freight duties on the San Fernandez line.

However, the issue with #60 is more serious. After trimming the pilots it became apparent that the problem here lay not with ground clearance or coupler swing but with the fact that the mechanism (from a Bachmann class 57) would simply not negotiate the combination of tight radius and gradient changes.

At first I considered rebuilding the loco on an Athearn chassis, similar to the one under #29, but before committing to that course of action I had a closer look at the Bachmann mechanism. The problem lay with the remnants of the OO scale buffer beams catching the bogies as they pitched and swivelled. Simple solution, cut them off because they’re hidden under the On30 bodywork and serve no purpose anyway.

Peru Rail #60 now runs perfectly well, what’s more it can pull all three Faller coaches and the van up the gradients. The big blue diesel is available for traffic again, kept as a spare loco at Cuarto Sheds.


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