Things seldom go to plan in Sierra Oculta

The new coaches intended for the Cuarto Mail have proved too heavy for #42 to haul up the gradients on the high line so the train has been shortened to two coaches and the van. This has led to some reallocation of the FCPyF’s passenger carrying stock.

Passenger diagram (PD) 1

Loco hauled set PD 1 is used to work the express train from San Fernandez and Grande on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, returning the following day.

PD 2

Set PD 2 alternates with PD 1 on the San Fernandez train. Working from San Fernandez to Grande on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, returning on Wednesday, Friday and Monday.

PD 3

Based at Grande, this set works the mail train between Grande and Cuarto, making a round trip each weekday.

Spare set PD 4

The FCPyF is scraping the barrel when this spare set is pushed into service on either the San Fernandez or Cuarto routes.

PD 5

The coach removed from set 3 is now used as a trailer for railcar 30 working stopping services on the Cuarto line. Based at Cuarto and making a daily (inc. Sunday) round trip to Grande and back.

PD 6

Push pull fitted trailer and boxcab diesel. Used to supplement/replace railcar services as required.

PD 7

The large caboose provides passenger accommodation on the rear of freight trains working stopping services on the San Fernandez line. This mixed train runs north one day, south the next, alternating with a freight only service in the opposite direction. As far as the passenger timetable is concerned it shows as running northbound MWFO and southbound TThSO with no Sunday working.

PD 8

Railcar 21, provides a mixed passenger and freight stopping service on the Cuarto line. Based at Cuarto and making a daily (inc. Sunday) round trip to Grande and back.

PD 9

Autoferro 28, stopping services on the San Fernandez line, may also convey light freight as tail traffic.

PD 9 and 10 each make a daily one way trip, as do PD 1 and 2, so one is at each end of the line overnight to work the next day’s train. While PD 1 and 2 only run Monday to Saturday the autoferros run 7 days a week.

PD 10 and 11

Autoferro 27 (PD 10, right) stopping services on the San Fernandez line, alternating with PD 9, may also convey light freight as tail traffic. Railcar 20 (PD 11, left) mail and express freight on the Cuarto line, may also convey either a freight or passenger car as tail traffic. While not used as a regular passenger carrying diagram, railcar 20 is listed as PD each time it runs because the mail traffic puts it on a par with passenger trains for timetable diagramming. Shedded at Grande when not in use, PD 11 makes a round trip to Cuarto and back each Tuesday then a one way trip to San Fernandez on Wednesday, returning to Grande on Thursday.

PD 12 and 13

The excursion set PD 12 is used on charter trains during the summer months, often with “Old Number One” in charge. The flat car between the two coaches is meant for luggage and bicycles but sometimes seen carrying benches for additional passenger capacity. Health and safety rules are pretty lax in Sierra Oculta.

Steam railmotor 69 is also used for private charter trains and occasionally for engineers and management inspection duties.

Spare railcar sets

Railcars 1 and 25 are normally used by the MoW crew but can be seconded for revenue earning service when required. The set can be driven from either railcar without being turned. Whichever vehicle is leading is the power car and the other vehicle is the trailer, having its gears set in neutral.

Available for when other railcars are being repaired, the other two spare sets are also capable of being driven from either end so they can terminate anywhere without the need for a turntable.

9 and 22, mixed passenger and freight as required.

23 and 24, used only in the very last resort.


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