Ian Holmes’s Drawer Challenge

Fellow railway modeller and micro layout enthusiast Ian Holmes has been issued a challenge by his wife. They found an old drawer in the garage of the house they’ve just moved into and she said it would make a layout.

Model railways in odd containers were frequently a topic of conversation on the late Carl Arendt’s Small Layout Scrapbook, so it’s not a new idea, but I don’t believe a drawer has been used before. Anyway, I’m following the project on Ian’s website and I’ve got an old drawer that’s been used for keeping odds and ends in for years.

This is Crewe station, a world famous, very busy, very big station.

OK, it’s part of Crewe station, just a very small part! To the left is the covered footbridge between the booking hall and platforms 1 to 5, to the right is the Nantwich Road bridge. Between them are the up and down main lines and platforms 5 and 6.

A neatly self contained scene based on the red outlined area would fit in the drawer I have, with up and down fast and slow lines like the prototype in N scale or as a double track line in OO.

1, Down main. 2, Up main. 3, Covered footbridge (low relief). 4, Road bridge (low relief). 5, Retaining walls and/or low relief station buildings.

I have little interest in the smaller scale these days, so I’d be inclined to do it in OO with just the two tracks between the platforms or possibly with a third, bi-directional, through line in the middle.

This is an idea I’ve mulled over before though never got beyond the planning stage, the idea of building it within the limitations of the drawer makes it just that little bit more interesting.


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