An incident at Cuarto

The midday railcar from Grande to Cuarto failed to stop when it arrived at the upper terminus and ran into the turntable, which was aligned for the main track instead of the loop.

Luckily the railcar was only travelling slowly and no damage was done.

Loco #42 assisted in getting the railcar back on track before departing for Grande with the afternoon mail train…

About two hours late… A mere nothing by FCPyF standards.

After checking to make sure the turntable was safe to use the railcar’s crew turned their train then stabled it on the loop ready for first departure the following morning.

By the time the late running mail train reached Grande the station was bathed in moonlight. All the managers had gone home so there was no need to report the incident, especially as it involved the new railcar.

The cause of the accident was my laziness! If I’d get my finger out and fix the wiring on the local controller at Cuarto I wouldn’t have to drive the trains from the other side of the garage and I’d be able to see what I was doing better, especially as there’s a line of washing hanging between the main line controllers and the terminus!


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