The best laid plans and all that…

Hum. I started to give the railcar its second coat of paint this morning and realised that the first was not adhering to the plastic very well. In fact it was not adhering full stop so I wiped the dry paint off with a tissue.

All was not lost though, the bright shiny red plastic was neither bright nor shiny any more. Heartened by this I gave the railcar a coat of rusty brown, which was immediately wiped off, then set it aside to dry.

The result is quite a pleasing weathered effect, since making the slideshow video I’ve picked out the headlights in white, added an exhaust pipe on the rear and glazed the windows.

The work on railcar 30 is now completed and it will share the Cuarto to Grande stopping passenger services with railcar 21. Autoferros #27 and #28, previously used on the Cuarto locals, will be transferred to the San Fernandez route.

The GE diesel seen in the photo has been temporarily withdrawn from service, along with the Peru Rail loco #60. Both were giving problems on the tight curve between Bodjio and Grande and I’ve really not got the inclination to sort it out! The other main line diesel, #15, was also having trouble but for some unknown reason it does run OK providing the cab is at the uphill end.

The regular loco for the Cuarto mail train will probably be either #7 or #42 as these Bachmann moguls have plenty of power to tackle the gradients. I’m in the process of rebuilding the brake van for this train, the six wheeled underframe was also giving problems on the junction and is being replaced with a two axle chassis.


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