Any slower and I’d stop!

Back in October last year I posted about a modernisation plan for the FCPyF. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on your opinion about DMUs) the railway’s procurement manager failed to order the remaining class 30 rail cars that would be required to replace loco hauled trains, so the prototype car remains the sole example of the class.

Anyway, with the failed eBay bid the single railcar was put into storage and project eventually forgotten about. I’ve just found it again though, while looking for something else in the drawer, and decided to give the horrible red plastic a lick of paint so that the railcar can be brought into service at last.

The initial coat is all over green but it’ll need a second coat which will be done in two-tone using the side ribs as guidelines, possibly with a yellow cab front for better visibility and the rear in black to save having to carry the two tone livery around the end by freehand.

It’s not unprototypical to use the class 30 as a single railcar. I have seen a video of a railcar that looks like half of a two car set in use in Bolivia. As long as it can be turned at each end of the run it’s not a problem and the FCPyF has turntables at its termini.


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