Feel warmer?

After Sunday’s rather chilly looking photo I’ll post this one to warm you up again.

I’ve got some pipe cleaners to use as cacti for the “Travels With Charley” diorama and made a couple for Rio Paleta while I was at it.

We are still waiting for Steinbeck’s camper to trundle past the crossing, the latest visitors appeared to be eleven long haired friends of Jesus.

You might have to be of a certain age (or use Google) to spot the reference there.

Meanwhile the ballast saga on the FCPyF continues. The sand around Bodjio crazed as it dried, again, so it has been removed and replaced with a thinner layer. Before it was doused in diluted PVA again the track was cleaned and tested. Flange clearances are tolerable, but require some work around the junction, and structure gauging is fine.

Better news from Lago Cumbre, the ballast here has set perfectly. After cleaning and structure gauging a test run using two light engines proved that everything was in working order but a loose wire on the local controller meant the test had to be carried out using the main line controller at Jones River. A two minute job to fix it, when I can find the soldering iron! All that remains to be done at Lago Cumbre is to paint the waiting shelter and add “water” to the lake itself, a long and slow process involving repeated coats of neat PVA.



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