New station (and other changes)

The FCPyF is to have a new station. It will replace Cumbre at the summit of the line and is located on the new lake section.

The station will provide an interchange between the trains and a lake ferry.

Facilities will be very basic, little more than a waiting shelter and a quayside. The old station at Cumbre has been removed and the area it occupied grassed over. The water tank, visible in the previous photo, has been temporarily relocated to Grande.

The tank is too big to fit next to the coaling stage so it is on the station platform instead. I’m not happy with its appearance though so a replacement will be built and placed, where it belongs, next to the coaling stage.

The tank that was at Grande has been returned to Rio Paleta. This tank was originally at Rio but I moved it to Grande when Cumbre was built. The main reason for moving it was that, in daylight, it cast a shadow on the backscene but the tank is now on the near side of the line and its shadow will fall on the station instead.

The tank’s new location gives a pleasing look to the station at Rio. Sometimes these things are planned, others they just happen. In this case I wanted to prevent the unwanted shadow on the backscene and the improved overall appearance is a bonus.

As well known magazine used to say, “railway modelling is fun”.


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