Three words

Three words that instil horror for railway passengers…

Replacement Bus Service.

The track maintenance crew have been working around Bodjio again, which means there’ll be no trains running for the rest of the day.

The rail replacement bus was seen ready to depart on its epic journey from Grande this morning.

A short while later it turned up at Bodjio where it waited, in vain, for more passengers.

Two of the eight passengers who had braved the journey so far alighted at Resurreccion and went looking for a taxi.

It was just after opening time when a brief halt was made at the Posada Estrella (Rio Paleta station’s road access is unsuitable for buses), so another four passengers gave up and headed for the bar.

The bus finally arrived at Cuarto de Pulgada, rudely awakening the two remaining passengers as it bounced over the track, and pulled up outside the Hotel Ferrocarril just in time for a very late tea.

It’s a good job that February is mid-summer in the southern hemisphere, if it were winter the roads would have been impassable due to mud and/or snow.



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