Sitting on the dock of the bay

I have been mulling over an old idea, revisited and reworked, for a few weeks. It’s by no means an original plan, I’ve attempted similar models, with varying degrees of success, in the past as have numerous other modellers.

The idea is to model just a small slice of a large station, concentrating on what would be visible from a fixed viewpoint within the scene instead of an overall view from outside the station. In this case the viewer is stood on platform 3, looking across the main line tracks at the bay platforms beyond platform 4.

The station is bisected by a road bridge, which hides the outer ends of the bays from view, so only the front end of arriving trains (and the rear of departures) in the bays can be seen.

The photo mock-up shows a loco hauled train having just arrived at platform 6 while a light engine waits on the siding and a pair of parcels vans are at platform 5. The subway steps between 5 and 4 suggest that there is more to the station.

From this it can be seen that the microlayout will not just be for running passenger trains in and out but that it will also be used for shunting or as a photo set for just about any loco or item of rolling stock.

My last attempt at this type of model in OO scale failed because I gave up on the overall roof for the station, but it will be possible to fit modern platform canopies to make the job a lot simpler. Ideally I’d like the architecture to resemble the 1960s style WCML buildings. The bay platforms will not be electrified but platforms 1 to 4 could well be wired, it’s just that those tracks are not modelled!

I’ve not done anything in OO scale for a few years and really do I need something to keep me occupied at home, so this could do the trick. A trip to Crewe has furnished four yards of track (Haslington Models) plus a suitable MDF offcut for the baseboard and some rough sawn timber for the platforms (B&Q) so work can commence.

The total cost of the baseboard was less than that for one piece of track, it really confuses me why people pay good money for laser cut MDF baseboard kits when offcuts from B&Q are so cheap!

D49, “The Manchester Regiment”, is in charge of a six coach Transpennine arrival (the rest of the train is supposedly beyond the bridge), the parcels vans have been moved to the carriage siding and a bubblecar awaits departure.

OK so it’s not much but, with a little imagination, it does allow main line operation in a very limited space and the scenic work will keep me busy until the weather is warm enough to venture into the garage again.


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